Note: All images in this post are screenshots from Google image searches

In late August, one of my Facebook friends posted a FAVORITE FILMS CHALLENGE. The challenge was to choose and post an image of one poster for each of your ten all-time favorite films, one per day. I usually don’t participate in Facebook challenges, but I loved this one. What a pleasure to think through the thousands of films I have seen over the years; then to chose only ten; and to look through online images of all the movie posters for those favorites and choose only one for each. I spent hours doing it. And as one thing led to another, I found myself broadening the scope of my research to include directors, editors and others who do the work of filmmaking. These were my top ten (some were ties) from 1927-2005.


3 Ikiru (1952)

5 A Fistful of Dollars6 WELFARE (1975)

8 RAGING BULL (1980)

10 THE DEPARTED (2006)

Of these favorites, “Welfare,” produced and directed by Frederick Wiseman, sparked the most research after the Challenge. I wanted to see it again because of Wiseman’s unique style of filmmaking, which still inspires me. “Welfare” aired on PBS around 1975, but it’s hard to find today. By some stroke of luck, I came upon, a free streaming service that can be accessed online by anyone with a library card. As a graduate of Middlebury College, I was able to gain access to Kanopy through the Middlebury library.

Not only did I find Wiseman’s “Welfare” there, but also many pf my other foreign film favorites. Anyone interested in film studies is sure to enjoy And it’s free!

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