During the Cape Cod Writers Conference in August, several writers I met talked about their blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and other forms of social media they use to engage with readers. I had been writing travel blogs, on and off, since 2011; and I posted drafts of chapters for an unfinished memoir in 2014, but all the writing was unedited and the photos amateur. I never considered branding any of it. I thought of online content as ephemeral. Informal. Not worth branding.

After the multimodal writing class, I began looking at my work in a new way. I wanted to make high quality multimodal content, not just post words and photos from vacations. I wanted to create carefully, consciously constructed messages. And I wanted to underscore my intention with a new name, a personal brand. With video as my medium, and brevity as my watchword: I became “Flash Documentaries.”

I bought the domain name and selected WordPress as my web host. Then, after looking around online to see which social media sites seemed most popular to my potential audience, I created “Flash Documentaries” accounts on Gmail, Google+, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to reserve the name in anticipation of a YouTube Channel launch in January, 2019. Because I used Google Blogger 2011-2018 and Facebook since 2012, cross-connections to countless old posts are still around, but no matter. I imagine old news is of very little interest to anyone, including myself. So, forward!

FLASH Documentaries Banner (FACEBOOK)


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