Photo: John Edginton, Filmmaker in Residence at the 27th Annual Woods Hole Film Festival, teaching a master class on music documentary filmmaking in the Community Hall, June 30, 2018.

In Santa Fe, while working 42 days at full throttle, learning new software applications and creating infographics, memes, Gifs, and a video for Dr. Medina’s “Multimodal Writing” classes, I browsed through literally thousands of images and sound bites online, and looked through quite a few of my 30,000+ personal photos, videos, music files and documents stored on Amazon Drive. Without realizing it, I was building a new visual vocabulary. After I returned home, I wanted to expand it – and use it. But how?


27th Annual Woods Hole Film Festival

I stumbled across the 27th Annual Woods Hole Film Festival website on July 29th. The 8-day event (July 28 to August 4) was in progress. So, hoping to keep my creative momentum going, I bought tickets for two events; the first on July 30, “[A] Master Class [with John Edginton]: The Challenges, Joys and Pitfalls of Making Films about Musicians,” and the second on July 31, “An Evening of Pink Floyd Presented by John Edginton.”


The Master Class was held in a small venue, the Woods Hole Community Hall; most of the people attending were filmmakers. John Edginton was humble, approachable, funny, and naturally brilliant. His process seemed organic.

After the class, I went home and started streaming everything I could find by John Edginton. What a great way to learn! The next evening, I attended the Pink Floyd screening event.


Excerpt: Event description (above) is from The 27th Annual Woods Hole Film Festival program. To access or download a .pdf copy of the full program for 2018 click here.

The films and the Q&A session were fuel for my mind. In the weeks that followed, I streamed all the music documentaries I could find, enforcing what I had learned about process. As, I started researching other documentarists and streaming more documentaries, a long-dormant dream of making my own revived.

I paused on August 3rd to attend the 56th Annual Cape Cod Writers Conference (August 3-6, 2018) in Hyannis, MA, shifting my point of view from aspiring documentarist to writer with two books in progress.

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